Det verkar som om all mänsklig aktivitet har till uppgift att leda till välmående, ändå ser välmående ut att vara den mest växande och största ”bristvaran”. 

Nyckeln syns finnas i att bygga på det som egentligen efterfrågas (vänskap), vi sitter alla i samma båt och kommer inte undan.

It seems that all human activity aims for wellbeing, yet it looks like it is the fastest growing and largest ”deficiency”.

The key seems to be found in building on what is our real demand (friendship), we all sit in the same boat and cannot get away from it.


In Denmark there is headspaces with open meeting places for young people suffering from mental ill being. HeadSpace DKis a new and successful way to mental health. Our current systems have hit the roof in costs, so cities and county councils are looking for new solutions in parity with HeadSpace DK. HeadSpaces in Sweden, Åland Islands, and Norway are being established right now, without getting stuck in historical methods, methodology or belief systems, which has led to good results in Denmark.

HeadSpaces is a HR Resource, people who use the existing to "renew" the approach (to see for themselves), to start from the simple and obvious that no one can run away from. That which makes it easy to get, or find out for ourselves.

A warm community.
In working through wellbeing and participation as the background of HeadSpaces, it leads us to the valuable friendship. The importance of HeadSpaces is the "mindset", the mind that no one can escape. The unnatural within the mental, is to struggle against mind.

HeadSpaces is concrete with that which can be difficult to understand, the simple. 
Or as an employee of the public psychiatry in Norway pointed out:  To illustrate the metaphors that work or do not work is what works for me, it is the help that creates space for wellbeing and participation, genuine friendship.



Camp Fire

There is something certain about camp fires.
Perhaps that’s why humans have gathered around campfires since ancient times, to share and expose their inwardness. The flames invite us to participate, sometimes we just sit quietly and sometimes we hang out in a party, but above we always share that simple and deep humanity. Strengthened by the contact with others and myself we feal well. When I left the fire something unspeakable has happened, it gathers me for all the other challenges and discoveries of life.

Right now, a number of fires have been lightened as an alternative to put a car on fire. Around these fires a larger number of people are gathering. You can also come to the fire, or light your own one.

It's so simple yet so big, we call it friendship!

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